Generate passive income in Stablecoins

With Ray Finance, holders can receive passive revenue in the form of Stablecoins or blue chip coins such as BTC or ETH.

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Defi investing should be simple

What is Ray Finance?

Ray Finance is making massive strides to bring real yield to the crypto space. We are doing this with our Investment Trading Fund or ITF. Our ITF is how we diversify farming strategies such as Liquidity Farming, Staking, Lending, Bot Trading and Dollar Cost Average. We then convert those rewards earned into Stablecoins and pay those out to the holders without them having to stake or do anything more than just hold RAYFI.

All of the vaults in our system are optional and do not have any lock up periods as we want to keep things simple and flexible for the holders. Our primary goal is to make as much of a user friendly experience as we can while taking the burden away from the holder. Please feel free to read our white paper to find out more!

Diversified Risk Management

Strategies for earning with Ray Finance

Low Risk ITF

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Mid Risk ITF


High Risk ITF

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Blue Chip ITF

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Ray Finance always sends stablecoin returns directly to your wallet from its Mid Risk ITF Models by default. Various ITF models will be added and removed based on market conditions.


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Brains Behind Ray Finance

Meet Our Team

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